Before time, Seasocorns lived happily and magically as they wandered across the hemisphere. They were adorable, friendly and beautiful creatures like no other. However, due to shifting tides, the rainbow belt was dispositioned and the Seasocorns were forced to split up into autumncorns, summercorns, wintercorns and springcorns.

In order to reposition the rainbow belt back in the hemisphere and give you that magical bliss you could only dream about, all four of them are needed. So, grab a hold of one or all and LET'S SEASON UP!


Seasocorns is an NFT project based upon life in its entirety. We as a team thought of a way to make life experiences relatable through common themes in the stories we tell. These common themes being closely associated to weather seasons that is; autumn, winter, spring and summer. 

Autumn, also known as the lukewarm time, being a fairly hard or easy period. Winter, known for its brutally freezing temperatures and snow, being a season of hardships and most dreaded. Spring, a time of relative cool and calm, being a season of healing from the hardships faced as life starts to get back to normal. Summer, the most liked with bright and warm temperatures, being a season of joy, happiness, new beginnings and lots of good energy. 

We hope this project not only brings us together as one, but also provides support to people both in and out of the NFT community. 


Minting Begins

Dec 07 2021 19:00:00 GMT

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Total Mints


Price per Mint

0.3 SOL

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Our Roadmap

Season 1

Artwork completion and website development.

Community building and engagement. 

First Solana project partnership with Nifty Slabs. 

Confirmed partnership with Mazer Gaming. 

Civic Key Verification by team members. 

Season 2

At 100% sale, designs of the first airdrop begins.

Every Seasocorn holder will receive an airdrop of NFTs in all the four seasons that is: Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer that you can use in Player vs Player games or in other NFT gaming projects. 

Naming of Seasocorns. 

Rarities list updated on website.  

Season 3

25% of royalties will go to holders with 15 or more Seasocorns. 

20%of sales and revenue will go to the community wallet for further development of the project. 

Charity work. 10% of the sales will be going to different charities across Uganda.

Community voting and input.

Seasocorns Merchandise store. 

Season 4

Official launch of Road Map 2.0. 


Our Team

Founder / Artist
Nova Launch
Van Dem

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the project about ?

Seasocorns is a collection of 3,333 cute and adorable unicorns on the Solana Blockchain. 

How much is a Seasocorn?

Minting a Seasocorn goes for 0.3 SOL.

What is the maximum number of mints?

You are allowed up to 10 Seasocorns per transaction. However, you can come back and mint some more.  

How many traits are there?

All Seasocorns have been randomly generated from 130 + amazingly hand-drawn attributes. However, some Seasocorns are more rare than others. 

How can i reach the team?

The team is ready to offer assistance to you through our Discord, or you can send us a Direct Message on our Twitter page. 

Will there be an aftermarket?

Yes! Seasocorns will be listed on marketplaces such as Solsea, Magic Eden, Alpha Art and Solanart. 

Which Solana wallets can i use?

You can use a Phantom, Solfare, Ledger, Solong, Mathwallet or Sollet wallet to mint your Seasocorns.

Where can i view my Seasocorns?

Your Seasocorns will appear in your wallet a few minutes after minting. 

How can i create a Phantom wallet?

Go to phantom.app and download the Phantom Wallet extension. Once the extension has been installed, run the program and create a new wallet. 

Will there be royalties ?

Yes! 5% royalties will apply to all resales.  

What is an NFT?

Non-Fungible Tokens are unique, easily verifiable digital assets that can represent items such as GIFs, images, videos, music albums, and more. Anything that exists online can be purchased as an NFT, theoretically.

NFTs are different from cryptocurrencies because they’re not interchangeable. Think of Pokémon cards: You can trade them, but a Gastly is not the same as a holographic Charizard. But a bitcoin is indistinguishable from another bitcoin.

One reason to buy an NFT is for its emotional value, which isn’t so different from physical objects...unless you’re a total utilitarian. No one buys lip gloss because they need it. They buy it for the way it makes them feel. The same can be true for a GIF, image, video, or other digital asset.

The other reason is because you think it’s valuable...and will only increase in value. And yes, you can make money off of an NFT by buying and reselling it for more.

NFT ownership is recorded on the blockchain, and that entry acts as a digital pink slip. Our NFTs will be encoded using Metaplex's smart contract on the Solana Blockchain.

We offer a number of wallet connections for minting, but Phantom is the recommended wallet.

We will be using a smart contract deployed on the Solana chain to distribute the Seasocorns. The tokens can be verified on the blockchain and our smart contract code can be audited by the Solana core devs.